This is Tim Garlick (Essex, UK) warming up his tyres before attempting another 7-second 1/4 mile run down the drag strip.



The engine was built and developed by Rob Loaring and Nick Davies of I.C.E Automotive.

The 5.5-litre engine was built with the following Wildcat Engineering components (and other components individually named):

2 x 750 CFM Holley four barrel Alcohol carburettors on an ICE bespoke fabricated inlet manifold

Stage 2 Heads with 49.53mm & 40.64mm (1.95″ & 1.60″) valves and shaft mounted T&D adjustable roller rockers. Titanium valve spring retainers

99mm Ross forged pistons, 6″ BME (Bill Miller Engineering) forged aluminium conrods and 88.9mm stroke steel forged crankshaft

4-inch bore reinforced cross-bolted Yellow engine block with larger diameter Chevy cam bearings

Tighe billet steel roller camshaft with 700 thou of lift, Isky roller lifters

MSD ignition system comprising the following MSD components:

Distributor and drive kit, flywheel magnet crank trigger, HVC2 Coil and Digital 7 ignition

Pace single stage oil pump, Moroso vacuum pump, System 1 oil filter and ICE billet timing cover


Power 545 hp with Petrol

Power 598 hp with Alcohol (Methanol fuel)

Plus 450 hp from the two stage Nitrous system


 5.5 litres = 99mm bore x 89.90mm stroke = 5,536cc

(338ci = 3.90″ x 3.54″ stroke)

05 - 6 100