Daniel Lloyd, co-founder of Lloyd Development Ltd in Wiltshire UK, has worked in partnership with Roland Marlow of ACR Ltd to develop the prototype intake manifold sitting on top of the newly built engine in his TVR Chimaera 400.



The engine was built by ACR Ltd Flintshire UK with the following Wildcat Engineering components (and other components individually named):

ACR Stage 1 Heads with 49.28mm & 40.64mm (1.94″ & 1.60″) and Small Block Chevy stud mounted adjustable roller rockers

Mechanical camshaft and lifters

96mm forged pistons, P38 production 4-litre conrods and 71.1mm stroke crankshaft

Top hat liner P38 production cross-bolted engine block

Canems ECU

Power 351 hp @ 7,200 rpm




4.1 litres = 96mm bore x 71.12mm stroke = 4118cc

(251ci = 3.78″ bore x 2.80″ stroke)