David Stephen (Scotland) built this street legal track day car powered by a Wildcat Rover V8 engine with the following Wildcat Engineering components (and other components individually named).


55mm vertical throttle bodies

Stage 1 Heads (prototype style) with 47.75mm & 40.64mm (1.88″ & 1.60″) valves and shaft mounted Kenne Bell adjustable roller rockers

Factory Motorsport cross-bolted engine block converted to 2.5″ crankshaft journal size (From 2.3″ small journal)

Mechanical flat tappet camshaft

94.04mm Omega forged pistons, 86.36mm stoke crankshaft, H-beam conrods

Titan Motorsport dry sump oil pump and sump pan



4.8 litres = 94.04mm bore x 86.36mm stroke = 4799cc

(293ci = 3.702″ bore x 3.4″ stroke)