This one-off race car is based on a bespoke Darrian T98 tub and was put together by Ian Hall, an Experimental Rolls Royce aero-engine engineer based in Somerset, UK.

This 6-litre engine is the second Wildcat engine Ian has built, the first being a 5.3-litre.


It was built with the following Wildcat Engineering components (and other components individually named):

A pair of downdraught manifolds

Four Dellorto 48mm twin choke carburettors

Stage 1x Heads with 48.26mm & 40.64mm (1.90″ & 1.60″) valves, Titanium valve spring retainers with shaft mounted Crane adjustable roller rockers

101.6mm Probe forged pistons, 5.85″ H-beam rods and 92mm stroke steel forged crankshaft

4-inch bore reinforced cross-bolted Yellow engine block

Ian’s own dry sump system with an Aviaid 4-stage dry sump pump


The ignition system utilises a standard Rover V8 Lucas electronic distributor fitted with a Intermotor 15420 power pack and modified bob weight springs, single standard coil and Magnecor KV85 ignition leads.

Red lines = 6-litre with Wildcat 1x Heads                         Blue lines = 5.2-litre with BV Heads05 - Dyno - Red Lines

Power 514 hp @ 6840 rpm

Torque 427 lb-ft @ 5429 rpm



6 litres = 101.6mm bore x 92mm stroke = 5967cc

(364ci = 4″ bore x 3.622″ stroke)