Motorsport Solutions (Christchurch, New Zealand) built this Wildcat Rover V8 engine for John Stevenson. It had the following the Wildcat Engineering components (and other components individually named):

20 degree 48mm throttle bodies

Stage 1x Heads with 49.28mm &  40.64mm (1.94″ & 1.60″) valves with shaft mounted Crane adjustable roller rockers

96mm forged pistons, Oliver I-beam conrods, 86.36mm steel crankshaft

Top hat liner P38 production cross-bolted engine block

Dry sump front engine cover with integral oil pump mount and dry sump oil pan

Weaver Brothers 3-stage dry sump oil pump

 Roller camshaft, MSD LS1 coil packs and Porsche injectors

03 - Eng 2

Power 512 hp @ 7100 rpm

Torque 410 lbs-ft @ 6100 rpm



5 litres = 96mm bore x 86.36mm stroke = 5001cc

(305ci = 3.78″ x 3.4″ stroke)


 Below is a link to a video showing the engine dyno run