1 - Cresta

Alan Simms built this street legal 8-second 1966 Vauxhall PC Cresta drag race car powered by a Nitrous boosted Wildcat Rover V8 engine. He used the following Wildcat Engineering components (and other components individually named):

A pair of downdraught manifolds

Stage 2  Heads with 49.53mm &  40.64mm (1.95″ & 1.60″) valves and shaft mount T&D adjustable roller rockers. Titanium valve spring retainers

96mm bore top hat liner P38 production cross-bolted engine block

96mm Ross forged pistons, 5.85″ H-beam conrods and 87.5mm stroke crankshaft

This engine ran four Dellorto twin choke 48mm carburettors. In the search for more performance, Alan replaced these with a single 1050 CFM Holley Dominator four barrel carburettor on a Webster race engineering fabricated manifold


Based on vehicle weight and quarter mile performance of 8.9 seconds at 156mph, Alan calculated the engine output in the region of 800hp including 350hp from the Nitrous system.



5.1 litres = 96mm bore x 87.5mm stroke = 5067cc

(310ci = 3.78″ bore x 3.45″ stroke)

Carb on manifold - R view