This home-built 7-second Mk 1 Cortina Drag Car is powered by a nitrous boosted Wildcat Rover V8 built by Steve Green, Buckingshire, UK.

The engine was built with the following Wildcat Engineering components (and other components individually named):

57.15mm (2 1/4″) vertical throttle bodies running Alcohol (Methanol fuel)

Stage 2 Heads with the valve guides installed further apart to allow Steve to fit large titanium valves 52.83mm & 41.28mm (2.08″ & 1.625″), titanium valve spring retainers and shaft mounted T&D adjustable roller rockers

4-inch bore reinforced cross-bolted Yellow engine block with larger diameter Chevy cam bearing at raised position in the block for camshaft lobe and conrod clearance

101.6mm Ross Flat Top forged pistons 15.2:1 cr

5.85″ H-beam conrods and 92mm stroke steel forged crankshaft

Newman billet steel roller camshaft with 0.700″ inlet valve lift and Small Block Chevy cam bearing journals, Isky roller lifters

Pace products external oil pump, Aerospace Components vacuum pump

Steve designed and built the custom auxiliary belt system as well as the bespoke camshaft drive system

Power 586 hp @ 7300 rpm plus Nitrous

Torque 498 lb-ft @ 5800 rpm plus Nitrous

The above figures were achieved with a compression ratio of 15.2:1 and running Alcohol (Methanol fuel)



6 litres = 101.6mm bore x 92mm stroke = 5967cc

 (364ci = 4″ bore x 3.622″ stroke)